Five New Year Resolutions for Your Hair

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2016 is over, the trees and tinsel are down and we find ourselves in 2017 with a vow to join the gym and start a new health regime. This is always the perfect time of year to start afresh, so this year, why not vow to do things for your hair too? S J Forbes Co-Director and hair expert, Hayley Gibson Forbes, gives her advice on the top five hair resolutions to stick to in the New Year.

Snooze Control

Ever heard of beauty sleep? Possibly nature’s most powerful beauty treatment, getting that extra hour of snooze can actually benefit your hair. The more sleep our bodies get, the better our blood flow, which provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals to our hair. Sacrificing those forty-winks could cause locks to weaken, which may lead to breakage, damage or even hair loss.

Beauty and hair products have also been proven to penetrate the skin and hair better when your body is at rest. So ensure you get those optimal seven to nine hours a night, and your hair and skin will thank you for it.

Repeat After Me: I Will Deep Condition, I Will Deep Condition

Introducing a deep conditioning treatment to your beauty regime will do wonders for your hair. The winter months are particularly harsh on locks, so January is a great time to start. I always recommend my clients use a treatment on a weekly basis with particular focus on application at the ends. Hair that is deep conditioned is more manageable and less prone to breakage or frizz, so invest wisely. Kérastase Résistance Masque Thérapiste is suitable for even the thickest of hair and locks in moisture, revitalising each hair strand. For optimum results leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes, so that the mask has been fully absorbed for silky smooth, hydrated hair every time.

Gym & Tonic

After the Christmas excess, most people vow to get back in shape, but it’s important not to sacrifice your hair in the process. Think about the type of hair accessories you’ll be using – hair ties and sweatbands that are too tight can cause damage, not to mention unwanted hair kinks. Try an Invisibobble, it tames thick and voluminous hair with its traceless outline, but is still a reliable partner during workouts. Sweat is full of salt that can dry hair out and cause breakages, as well as irritation to the scalp, so don’t forget, post exercise, to shampoo and condition too, in order to refresh your skin and hair.

New Year, New You

2017 is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, so if you’re sick of wearing your hair in the same style every day, why not change it up? The Internet has a wealth of materials to help you learn, from blogs to DIY YouTube tutorials and many of them can be done in minutes. The ponytail is a staple item in the hair wardrobe this season, so why not look into blogs that will suit your hair length and texture. Look at different ways to wear a ponytail or how to achieve office ready hairstyles in minimum time, to help you stay on trend, while making sure you’re not spending hours in the morning trying to tame your tresses – you need your beauty sleep remember!

Pamper Yourself

Possibly the easiest resolution to follow, and the most enjoyable, is allowing yourself some TLC! 2017 should be the year you learn to treat yourself, and spending a little extra on the best type of products for your hair will really make a difference. So do your research, look into what suits your hair length, texture and condition. There’s a reason your hair feels so silky smooth when you leave the hairdresser, which is down to professional products tailored to your hairstyle. Ask your hairdresser for their professional advice and for them to suggest products prescriptive to your haircare needs.

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