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Five Questions to Ask at a Cut Consultation

The Hairbank
While we all know colour consultations are an essential part of the appointment, so too is a consultation for clients wanting a haircut.

North Western Hairdresser of the Year, Ria Kulik, and owner of The HairBank in Urmston, Manchester, says sitting down with your regular hair clients ensures they are getting what they want, even if they don’t realise it: “It’s easy to get into a rut with your haircut, repeating what they had last time and before you know it, they’ve had the same look for years! So, we need to regularly sit down with our haircut clients to make sure their journey is just as exciting as the one our colour clients are embarking on. They may tell us what they want, but we also need to ask questions, so we are constantly exciting our clients.”

Here are the five questions Ria says every stylist should ask regular clients…

  1. Are they happy with their look? How have they coped with it since they last came into the salon? Do they like having long hair or do they want to go shorter? If they like long hair what else can you do to make it interesting?
  2. What do they like about their haircut? It’s easier to say what they don’t like but take time to find out what they like – the fluffy texture could be just what they love!
  3. What do you dislike about your hairstyle? Sometimes there’s something they really don’t like but never mention it, so give them the opportunity to say what this is. This is also a great opportunity to recommend haircare products if they’re struggling with their texture or recreating the shape at home.
  4. What products do they use at home? Talk to them about the importance of professional haircare, and ensure they are aware of the impact the wrong products can have on their hair. You’re not selling them products; you’re insuring their hair so the money they are spending on their haircut isn’t wasted. Make sure the haircare programme is easy to follow and show them how to use styling products.
  5. What tools do they use? It could be they just ned some styling advice to get the best from their hairstyle – introduce them to the delights of the diffuser, the importance of the cold shot or some tricks with the tongs.