Five Vital Beard Care Tips Every Man Needs to Know

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X Hair Lounge, Dubai shares their top beard care tips from the pros…

Growing a beard is only part of the battle. You also need to care for it to keep it looking its best. Start with these essential tips:

1. Find Your Washing Schedule

Some men assume they should wash their beard every day to keep it clean. If you do this, though, you will strip away too many natural oils. This is a recipe for a brittle, dry beard.

For most men, it is best to wash your beard once or twice per week. It depends on how oily your skin is and how dirty your beard gets.

Bonus tip: make sure to wash your beard with beard shampoo, not scalp shampoo. Beard hair needs a different, gentler formula than the hair on your scalp.

2. Heavy on the Hydration

Even if you stick with a limited washing schedule, chances are that your beard needs some hydration help. You can do this with either beard oil or beard balm.

Whichever product you choose, apply it every day after your shower. This locks in the moisture. Be sure to pat your beard dry first, or the product may not adhere to your beard the way it should.

3. Fluff It Up

You have probably seen beard combs, but chances are that you are using them wrong. These combs are not just for warding off tangles.

Use your comb to fluff up your beard each day. Point the comb’s teeth upward and use it to fluff your beard layer by layer. This gets rid of any awkward pressings that happened while you slept.

Most beard combs have two sides: one with thin teeth and one with thicker teeth. Use the thicker teeth to

fluff your beard but do not forget to use the thin teeth to do the same for your moustache.

4. Brush Daily

In addition to a comb, every guy needs a great beard brush. Choose a boar bristle brush, which interacts well with beard hair and helps the hair grow in the direction you want.

Brushing your beard serves a few purposes. First, it gives you great control as you style your beard. Second, it gets rid of dirt and debris, so you do not need to wash your beard as often.

Finally, brushing your beard distributes your natural oils. Your skin releases the oils, and the brush distributes them to the ends of your beard, so all your beard hair gets their hydration powers.

Keeping Your Beard in Tip-Top Shape

A beard can make you look like a masculine, distinguished man, or like an unkempt bum. It all depends on your beard care habits. The beard care tips above can make sure your beard adds to the sophisticated look you want.

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