Foundation Sticks

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Sometimes applying make-up can be a real chore. Whether you’re too busy to apply a full face in the morning or that extra half hour of sleep is just too tempting, there’s a convenient and quick way to get the job done.

If pumping, pouring, packing, dabbing and baking are just not your thing, then why not try a foundation stick – perfect for those who want compact packaging and fast application.

Now before you think “eewww, foundation stick, no way”, hear us out. Sticks of foundation did have a bad reputation, and often bring back those horrific memories of applying make-up on models at beauty college or in school theatre classes. But you will be very glad to know that those little sticks have come a long way since then.

Foundation sticks come with a huge range of benefits; they’re easier to travel with, more versatile and are always there when you need them, as well as being the perfect tool for highlighting and contouring. Most of the huge cosmetic brands have hopped on the foundation stick bandwagon, with beautiful formulas and super diverse colour ranges available. They are also the perfect foundation for those with combination to oily skin.

So, have we intrigued you to try a foundation stick? Here we give you some of the creamiest and dreamiest sticks available.

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