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Sharni White of Soul in Rossington gives her quick last minute tips to help transform your daytime hair into night time glamour.

Romance it

The romantic look works best on hair that’s already wavy and is great for when you have minimal tools and you need a quick effortless look that will romance anyone.

Tools: Hair grips and a tail comb

  • Separate the hair into two sections, top and bottom, using the ears as a guide.
  • Tie the bottom section into a low pony and twist to create a low messy bun using hair grips to secure into place.
  • Working on the top section, use the tail comb and lightly backcomb the crown area. Once you have created enough lift you can smooth over into place.
  • Once you have your desired parting you can now start to create some movement by working on alternate sides. Take each section and lightly twist as you pull the hair back to meet with the messy bun. Pin each section overlapping the last to create a messy but structured look.
  • As an option you can loosen a few pieces of hair around the front to create softness and to frame the face.

One step ahead 

Not all day-to-night looks are last minute so here is a look you can prepare at home and tweak in the office toilet. This will work on most hair types.

Tools: Tigi Bed Head Style Shots Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Foxy Curls Contour Cream and a wide tooth comb

  • Prepare hair at home by washing with Tigi’s Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, and then apply half a pump of the Tigi Foxy Curls Contour Cream to the ends of the hair and comb through making sure it has spread evenly throughout.
  • Dry the hair to 95% and then separate into two sections creating the parting you desire for your night time look.
  • Take each section and loosely plait each one as far down towards the ends as you can and secure with elastic.
  • Pin each section together at the back of the head to create a plaited bun.
  • After your busy working day you can now create your finished look by removing all the pins and elastic holding the hair into place. Starting at the bottom of the plait slowly untwine.
  • Using your wide tooth tale comb soften the waves by combing through the hair. You must only do this enough to soften the hair as too much combing will create frizz. You can use a tiny amount of Tigi’s Mega Whip to separate the waves if required but this is not always necessary.
  • Now you have soft effortless looking waves you can pull one section from each side of the parting and twist and pull back creating a soft bohemian finish.

Your HIGHness

A brilliant way to create a quick polished look with a high bun. This works best on straight hair.

Tools: Soft bristled brush, hair elastic, pins, Tigi Head Rush, Tigi Rockaholic flexible hair spray and a bun ring (in desperate times you can use a sock)

  • Making sure the hair has been thoroughly combed through give it a light mist of Tigi’s Head Rush and a very light mist of Tigi’s Rockaholic hairspray.
  • Tip your head upside down and use the brush to get a smooth high ponytail on the top of your head. Once you have this tip your head back and secure using elastic.
  • With the soft bristle brush smooth out any lumps ‘n’ bumps and comb them towards the tied area as this will be hidden by the bun itself.
  • Now either thread the ponytail through the bun ring or alternatively in desperate times a sock, which you can use the office scissors to cut off the toes.
  • Spread the hair over the bun ring and use elastic to hold the hair in place. With the hair that is still not tucked in, pull this to the sides and wrap around the bun ring securing in place and hiding the elastic with hair grips.

Topsy tervy

Turn your frown upside down with this two minute hair wonder.

Tools: Comb, hair elastic and 3-5 Kirby grips

  • Pull the hair back into a suitable place taking into consideration the parting placement of the style and secure with elastic.
  • Loosen the ponytail slightly away from the scalp and using your fingers create a small hole between the elastic and the scalp.
  • Now thread the hair through the hole from underneath and this will create a lift and bounce in the new ponytail. Tuck under and pin into place using Kirby grips.


Any hairstyle can be transformed using hair accessories, from small pins with diamantes for a classic look to a vintage scarf or even a small flower to soften a low romantic bun. You can usually find these in local shops or if you’re anything like me in the bottom of your handbag.  Don’t be afraid to accessorise your look and give it an edge just the same way that a pair of six inch heels can transform daytime skinny jeans into night time long legs!

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