Fudge and London School of Barbering Spring/Summer Men’s Hair Trends

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The Skin Taper

Last year was all about fades, fades and fades - and yes, they are here to stay. What is changing though is the variety of lengths we can pair it up with.

What is going to be big this spring/summer is skin tapers. A skin taper is a mini skin fade on the side burns and nape, which doesn’t affect the length elsewhere. All of a sudden, this gives guys a huge amount of options of styles and lengths to choose from, especially through the back and sides. It can be paired up with near enough every style imaginable, whilst still having that clean look and feel.

Style with Tri-Blo (£10.45/150ml)

How it works: Apply to damp hair, spray liberally through lengths and blow-dry.

What it does:

  • Natural invisible hold
  • Weightless texture
  • Heat protection up to 235 degrees
  • Leaves cuticles smooth and shiny

Style with Structure Wax (£12.45/75ml)

How it works: Work a small amount into the palm of your hands, apply to dry hair and style as desired.

Tip: Warm up with a dryer to soften the wax and apply to hair for mouldable hold.

What it does:

  • Mould, Texture, Polish
  • Mouldable hold with extreme power
  • Muted shine finish
  • Hold Factor 11

The Low Fade

Another popular choice of fade, the low fade. Having a build-up of weight in the fade will allow a longer length on top to connect and look in proportion. The weight also creates a squarer, masculine shape which will suit near enough any guy. It does limit you to what length you have on the back and sides, but for some people the super fresh feeling is incomparable and worth the sacrifice.

The Shaved Head

The shaved head is going to be another hit this spring/summer. Not completely shaved, as this will only make you look a little thuggish. By having a longer clipper grade on the top, you have yourself an extremely low maintenance and long lasting cut. It will almost certainly make you look younger and take five years off your face. But having a good strong hairline is a must, as this exposes any thinning areas longer hair disguises.

Style with Xpander Jelly (£12.95/75g)

How it works: Apply to towel-dried or dry hair and style as desired. Use of heated styling tools will maximise the adhesion of Fibre-Dense Technology to the hair structure.

Tip: Start application on damp hair. Reapply once dry for maximum girth.

What it does:

  • Levels fibre density
  • Flexible formula with light hold
  • Thermal protection up to 235 degrees
  • Unique jelly texture
  • Natural finish

The Messy Side-Part

The side-part is a real classic. This look will always be around, one way or another. This spring/summer, expect to see a more relaxed and casual version. Texture through the top will be another huge hit this year, and the contrast of having a textured interpretation of a style that’s usually so neat and set creates a very interesting effect. It says your easy going, yet well groomed and you take care of yourself.

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