Fudge LFWM SS18 Report

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As London Fashion Week Men wraps-up, we take a look at the styles created by the Fudge Professional team backstage.

Christopher Raeburn – Desert Winds

Session stylist: Cyndia Harvey for Fudge Professional

Inspiration: A story of adventure and survival tracing from Siberia to India. The desert wind and sun plays a big part on the different textures seen in the hair and the way it falls across the face.


  1. To prep, mist hair with water. Pump a generous amount of Fudge Professional Xpander Foam into hands and apply from roots to ends.
  2. Create a side parting using fingers and dry with a diffuser to keep the natural texture.
  3. Manipulate hair using fingertips, pulling out sections from the front to form the shape of the windswept look. Pull the remaining hair back loosely towards the nape of the neck and secure with elastic.
  4. Use fingers to sweep front strands across the face and secure into place with Fudge Professional Membrane Gas.
  5. Finish by spraying the ponytail with Membrane Gas to create a windswept texture.


Katie Eary – 90’s Club Kids

Session stylist: Martin Cullen for Fudge Professional

Inspiration: The collection takes inspiration from 90’s street wear and Katie Eary going out as a teenager. The hair reference is taken from 90’s club kids, a contrast between the lux and the rough.

Step-by-step men:

  1. Prep hair with Fudge Professional Salt Spray, scrunching into hair for matte texture.
  2. Tie braids together with coloured hair bands.
  3. Finish with Light Hed-ed Oil at the roots for a sweaty, lived-in look.

Step-by-step women:

  1. Prep hair with Fudge Professional Tri Blo from mid-lengths to ends and blow-dry smooth.
  2. Apply Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra all over the hair and part into tight bunches – secure with elastic.
  3. Next add Fudge Professional Paintbox coloured hair wefts to the bunches and secure with black rope. Rope-braid the hair (incorporating existing hair) and secure with a hair tie.
  4. Loop the braid and secure into place with pins on top of the head and repeat on the other side. To cover the base of the ponytail, use individual rope braid hair wefts and wrap around securing with pins.
  5. Finish with Fudge Professional Gloss to braids to make them super shiny and tame any flyaways.


Topman Design – New Romantic Club Kid

Session stylist: Matt Mulhall for Fudge Professional

Inspiration: 80’s boys that have been in the club for 4-5 hours. Hair is left with the post night energy.


  1. On wet hair, apply Fudge Professional Hair Gum liberally from roots to ends.
  2. Blow-dry through whilst brushing product into the hair to create volume and a wet-look texture.
  3. To mould the shape, apply hair gum to the temples and finish with lashings of Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra to hold the style in place.
  4. To replicate the era of the new romantic, apply glitter all over the head and secure in place with Skyscraper Extra.

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