Fudge Professional X Topman AW17

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Grease and Grind

Session Stylist: Matt Mulhall for Fudge Professional

Hair Inspiration: Punk/rave styles fused with working class dock workers. Raw, lived-in hair with a natural shine that is touchable and malleable. Its loose texture and jagged edges take inspiration from the dock workers and the rave scene.

Step by Step:
  1. On dry hair, spray Fudge Professional Tri-Blo all over to create the core foundation.
  2. Apply Fudge Professional Curve Maker liberally into palms of hands and rub directly into the roots and ends of hair section by section. Blow-dry product in flat to the head.
  3. To set the style in place, finger in Fudge Professional Hair Shaper through the ends to create jagged edges and then rub excess product on top of the head to create a shiny finish.

Products used:

  • Tri-Blo RRP £11.95
  • Curve Maker RRP £14.95
  • Hair Shaper RRP £12.95

Photography Credits: Jason Lloyd Evans

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