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Military Cut

Session Stylist: Cyndia Harvey for Fudge Professional

Inspiration: A play on the tension between the deconstruction and the reconstruction within the collection. A strong military look from the front with a textured finish towards the back.

Step by step:

  1. Apply Fudge Professional Tri-Blo onto the hair and all over the top sections, blow-drying back off the face.
  2. Mix half of Fudge Professional Hair Gum and half Fudge Professional Matte Hed Extra together and apply to the roots using fingers - section by section from the front and sides towards the crown.
  3. Using a comb, brush the sides of the hair up and over to construct a military shape. Then use a tail comb to create a triangle quiff at the front.
  4. Apply Fudge Professional Salt Spray to the back of the head and scrunch in to create a dishevelled texture. Blow-dry with a sock diffuser to set.

Products used:

  • Tri-Blo RRP £11.95
  • Hair Gum RRP £11.95
  • Matte Hed Extra RRP £12.95
  • Salt Spray RRP £11.95

Photography Credits: Jason Lloyd Evans

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