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Fudge X LFW with Ali Pirzadeh


LFW session essentials included:  Fudge Professional Hair Gum (£14), Fudge Professional Skyscraper (£10) and Fudge Professional HED Shine Spray

Harris Reed

The looks we created for the Harris Reed show were inspired by a combination of the artistic drapery of the show’s background, as well as the intricate design of the garments. The hair of each model was designed to emulate the intricate structuring of the dramatic looks created by Reed. The models were given a version of the look that was personal to them but with the end aim to achieve an expensive and sophisticated feel to the looks.

J.E.Cai Studio

The looks for the J.E.Cai Studio were inspired mostly by the structural and graphic design of the garments. Tilda Swinton was also an inspiration for the hair, her clean and sophisticated look perfectly embodies the chic J.E.Cai Studio collection. Each style was parted to suit each models face to create a chic and sophisticated look.

SS Daley

The SS Daley looks were designed to perfectly encapsulate youth. Hair for this show was swept back into a ponytail and tied with a ribbon. By freeing whisps of hair from the ponytails we were able to convey a playful, natural image. This playfulness perfectly matches the carefree vibe of the collection.

Product was used more sparingly; only where extra curls were needed or to hold whisps more firmly. This more minimal usage of product endured for a light, natural look.

Fudge Professional is available from hair salons nationwide or online at and