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Apocalyptic Punk…

Session stylist: Jake Gallagher for Fudge Professional


The collection takes inspiration from Mad Max films and a nod to Debbie Harry’s 70s punk; think apocalyptic futuristic punk. I wanted the hair to have lots of structure and shape using contrasting textures such as a slick smooth foundation with a dry matt hair finish. Both the guys and girls are wearing the similar looks but with each finished style as a slight variation and finish.

With Debbie Harry’s look, this is a take on her punk days but with a futuristic element; twisted knot sections with a contrasting black and blonde textured hair finish. Fudge Professional is a great partnership for this brief – its anti-ordinary ethos works perfectly for the show and looks. – Jake Gallagher

Step-by-step: Debbie Harry
  • Hair weft was coloured black using Fudge Professional Headpaint for a contrasting colour effect
  • The wefts were gripped to a hair piece and knotted together to create height and contrasting textures, hair spritzed with Fudge Professional Matte Hed spray for hold
  • Ends were finished with Fudge Professional Gloss for high shine
Step-by-step: Women and Men
  • Prep hair with Fudge Professional Tri Blo from mid-lengths to ends and blow-dry smooth
  • Apply Fudge Professional Hair Gum all over the hair and brush smooth. Part into three slick sections and securing with hair elastic, create tight ponytails then plait each section using Fudge Professional Skyscraper for hold
  • Next add hair wefts to the plaited foundation and secure with Kirby grips. Looping and twisting the hair weft so each look has its own slight variation, iron the loose ends for a strong structured finish and then spray with fudge professional Matte Hed for a dry hold and finish
  • Finish with Fudge Professional Gloss to the hair piece to make them super shiny and tame any flyaways

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