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At Authentic Beauty Concept we love the effortless beauty of low maintenance hairstyles - not only because it creates more time to focus on other aspects of life but provides relief for hair from high heat and over styling.

Our UK ambassadors, Dan Mewies, owner of Mewies & Co, and Joseph Ferraro, owner of Joseph Ferraro Hair, demonstrate how to create two carefree looks using our no nonsense, vegan styling range.

Dan Mewies - “A tousled and sassy style that is simple to achieve and kind to the hair.”
  1. Start by applying Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Mousse to damp hair. The ‘free from’ pure formula, unlike standard hair mousse, means you do not have to be afraid of using more than you usually would with this product.
  2. Tilt the hair forward and rough dry until all the moisture is removed from the hair. This will offer volume to soften the roots and enhance the lift.
  3. If you feel the hair needs it, gently run a straightener through, though I recommend leaving the hair to form a more natural wave.
  4. Use a hair bobble to gently pull the hair into a low ponytail, but do not apply this too close to the root and nape - leave it loose so the hair hangs a little more.
  5. Being creative to hide how the ponytail is kept in can be done by pulling a small part of hair away from the rest of the tail and wrap it around the bobble, secured with a small grip underneath into the tail. This keeps the look more authentic - or you could even use a small piece of ribbon to wrap around for chicer styling.
  6. Finally, apply Authentic Beauty Concept Working Hairspray and then tease pieces with your fingers to add height at the root, or add texture for a more organic finish.


Joseph Ferraro - “An undone, soft style that oozes femininity for an effortless everyday look.”
  1. Start by applying Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Mousse and gently blow-dry the hair with a round brush.
  2. For texture and hold, spritz Authentic Beauty Concept Nymph Salt Spray on each section before tonging it to create a wave not a curl.
  3. When wrapping the hair around the tong make sure you twist the hair and then run the tong up and down the hair shaft, so it gives a loose beach wave effect.
  4. Once it is all tonged, loosely pick up the top half of the hair to create a messy knot that has a very undone feel. Try not to overdo it, and do not play around too much. Let it organically take shape.
  5. Once happy with the knot, pinch the top section of the hair and drag it forward to create a soft texture rather than sleeked back.
  6. To finish, apply more Authentic Beauty Concept Nymph Salt Spray while using your hands to scrunch the product into the hair.
Meet the products
AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Amplify Mousse (200ml, £24.90 / €28.65)

A lightweight, medium hold mousse with Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and free from artificial film forming polymers. Boosts body and volume whilst adding a light grip to leave it manageable with a natural hair feel. It also contains modified biodegradable potato starch and protects against blow-dry damage.

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Working Hairspray (300ml, £23.15/ €26.70)

A super fine aerosol hairspray with flexible hold. The fast-drying formula promotes a workable natural look and helps to protect against humidity and UV-rays.

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Nymph Salt Spray (250ml, £25.20)

A non-overburdening salt spray infused with sea salt minerals to create beautiful, tousled mermaid texture. Free from silicones and colourants, it provides a lightweight, non-crunchy and touchable feel for effortless beach waves without drying out the hair.

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