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Get the Multi Melt Look with Ria Kulik

The Hairbank

Matrix Artist Ambassador, Ria Kulik created this stunning Matrix Multi Melt technique on her model, Yona. See below on how to get this beautiful colour…

  • A SoColor Sync 20 parts 5M 10 parts 3N
  • B SoColor Sync 20 parts SPV 20 parts 9MM 5 PARTS 6RV+
  • C SoColor Sync 10 parts 10M 10 parts 8CG
  1. Hair was divided into four quadrants and then the application started at the back of the head working forwards in diagonal sections.
  2. Formula A was applied in a stretched root to the scalp area, formula B was applied in the mid-section, finally formula C was applied to the ends of the hair. The formulas were melted together using the fore and middle fingers.
  3. In the front sections the technique was adjusted by using formula A as a root tap rather than a root stretch.
  4. The colour was removed first using Total Results Lamination Spray and then sprayed with Total Results Miracle Creator 20 for condition, heat protection and a speedy blow-dry.
  5. The hair was blow-dried with Style Link Volume Builder and a round brush and was finished using a large wand and Style Link Volume Fixer.

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