Get the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

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It can be a strange thing to get your head around, the fact that we want to wear makeup that looks like we are not wearing makeup.

Mind bender aside, the no makeup, off-duty model look is here to stay. The key to ‘no makeup’ makeup is using the bare minimum and focusing more on the steps of application than the number of products.

Below we have broken down some of the best tips and tricks, plus our favourite products, on how to achieve this fresh-faced, flawless look.

01. Good skin in its prime!

Natural skin that glows is key to achieving this look. Do not worry if you are not blessed with good skin – very few are – as you can fake it! Start with your favourite moisturiser, and then apply a primer. Primers are a fab way to achieve a smooth base. Choose a primer for your skin type, such as a pore filling primer will smooth and fill pores, whereas an illuminating primer will add a dewy glow.

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02. Go lightly!

For the perfect no makeup look you need to steer clear of thick, full coverage foundations. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer or a BB or CC cream. This type of product will give your skin some light coverage and hydration but will still allow your freckles and imperfections to shine through.

If you are not a fan of letting your imperfections shine, then use some extra coverage with a lightweight concealer.

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03. Rub it in!

Cream based products are much better for a no makeup look than powders, as they look more natural. Once you have applied your foundation and concealer, use a cream bronzer/highlighter to add some colour. Remember, for a natural look, dewiness is key, so add some colour to the top of the cheekbones, this gives a beautiful summer dew to the skin.

For a natural blushed look, add some cream blush to the apples of the cheeks, up onto the temples, and right on the bridge of the nose.

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04. Brush the brows!

Bushy, unruly brows are the best part of this look! Enhance the beauty of your natural bows by using a brow gel with fibres and brushing them up into place. Simple!

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05. Light on the lashes!

Great looking skin is the star of the show with the no makeup look, so go light on the lashes – or skip it altogether! Using a brown mascara will lightly ‘open up’ your eyes without looking heavy. Curl your lashes first and apply a brown mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

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06. Lips are a bonus!

Adding colour to the lips is optional, so for those that love to wear colour on the lips, simply apply your favourite lip colour and heavily blot to remove excess colour and lighten the tint for a more natural look.

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