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Get this Spring/Summer Look with Suzie McGill

Rainbow Room International
Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, gives us the lowdown on this gorgeous spring/summer style and how you can achieve it in-salon…

This colour is perfect for spring/summer. Lavender hues are a huge trend for the season and look beautiful paired with clean blonde/ashy tones to allow them to really pop. Here's how I achieved the look...

  1. The first step in creating this look was pre-lightening the hair to help achieve a clean, even blonde. The hair was pre-lightened with BlondME 2% to create a beautiful platinum base.
  2. We then toned it down using 9,5-1 Vibrance to create a super ashy, almost grey/silver tone with no signs of brassiness in sight.
  3. I dried the hair into spikes to elevate the hair and to allow the colour I was about to apply to stand out even further.
  4. I carefully and visually toned the ends of the spikes with BlondMe, toning lilac and ice to finish off the look creating a chic, punk image.
  5. I then finished by setting the hair with a strong hold hairspray to lock the look in place and add extra shine to the hair. One of my favourites for achieving ultimate hold is the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Freeze Fix Strong Hold Hair Spray.