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Just in time for The Barbie Movie’s release (coming July 2023), ghd is injecting a dose of joy into the everyday with the launch of their mood-boosting Life In Plastic collection.

Created in collaboration with hairdresser Jordanna Cobella, current London Hairdresser of the Year, the shoot pays homage to Barbiecore: the more-is-more trend that’s shaping fashion, beauty, and design ahead of Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster biopic.

As spotted on the runways at Versace, Valentino and Moscino, Barbiecore has racked up more than 170 million views to date on TikTok, and fashion marketplace ShopStyle has reported searches for pink clothing up by 66% in some categories.

Fuelled by 90s nostalgia and Gen Z’s maximalist mash-up of all thing’s kitsch, the trend is all about cartoonish couture and hyperreal femininity: think lashings of faux fur, latex, and leopard; oversized accessories; and all-pink everything.

For ghd’s Spring/Summer 2023 Life In Plastic collection, Jordanna has created eight looks, referencing Barbie’s evolving style through the eras and celebrating the diversity and influence of the original it girl. Ready to play? Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

From Left…

Extra Texture

Dazzle the Ken in your life with full-bodied curls, diffused and defined for a supersize finish that’s all about celebrating texture.

Classic Pin-up

Vintage glamour inspires this ultra-elegant retro roll, topped off with a pink bow in a knowing wink to the cartoon couture trend.

Dream Volume

Hold my calls – this VIP 90s businesswoman faux-blow is all about full-bodied glamour, achieved with the iconic ghd soft curl tong.

Totally High Hair

Go big or go home (or should that be Dream House?) with a supersized blow-dry, crowned with a perfectly pink bow.

Malibu Beach Blow

With a 60s shape and stacks of volume, this curly blow-dry oozes retro glam. Just add a hot-pink headband for the perfect finishing touch.

Fashionista Topknot

Referencing the elegant updo of the original 1959 doll, this couture look gets a cartoonish twist through the addition-coloured faux leather accessories.

Colour Magic Faux Blow

When it comes to #Barbiecore there’s got to be pink, and this sweet-as-candy faux blow contrasts classic techniques with a modern take on pastels.

Princess Pony

The classic pony gets a Y2K update with knotted detailing around the base and flawlessly flicked-out ends – perfect for a modern princess.

Hair: Jordanna Cobella
Makeup: Meg Lindow
Styling: Anna Latham
Photography: Nik Hartley

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