GHD The Briefing - Autumn/Winter 2016

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ghd UK brand ambassadors, Zoe Irwin and Adam Reed, welcomed an audience of industry experts, press and salon owners to the ghd studio on Dean Street for The Briefing.

Discussing and demonstrating four key trends for autumn/winter 16, Zoe and Adam styled four stunning looks based on what we’ve seen across the world and what will be key trends for this year. Cocktails were flowing and laughter filled the air as the dynamic duo created a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The four trends predicted for autumn/winter 16 are Knotted Buns, Ethereal Embellishment, Curly Sue and Braidy Bunch.

Curly Sue

Zoe’s first look was based on her trend, Curly Sue, which embraces soft, natural curls and texture. Zoe explained that this style has evolved from a 70’s feel but is much softer, celebrating natural texture with intricate twists and exaggerated waves. Zoe curled the hair around her fingers using the ghd Platinum over the curl to hold it in place before unravelling the section vertically to create height and body.

Ethereal Embellishment

Ethereal Embellishment is elaborate and ornate with a fairytale feeling. Hair should look naturally healthy and conditioned whilst buttons, broaches, gemstones, pearls and pins are woven and embellished into the hair. Adam explained the look,

Start by running a ghd Curve Classic wave wand up and down sections of the hair to create a beautiful texture. Use ghd Root Lift spray on the roots before drying the hair and setting the shape using ghd Aura. Spray hairspray onto your fingers and glide through the lengths before pinning into a volumous up-do. This style has a strong McQueen influence as it is so individual, and it’s simple yet incredibly effective – the texture in this look does all the work for you - be as simple or as over-the-top as you choose!

Knotted Buns

This trend moves away from a classic ballet bun, leaving the ends out and pulling sections loose. This look is all about creating a different shape, twisting the hair from a simple ponytail then manipulating and moving it around to create something simple yet beautiful. Zoe explained,

We are seeing a massive return to femininity this season and a super soft aesthetic. This look gives a soft, romantic feel, it’s simple and unstructured. Double knotting is really big and I’ve put a 20s hint with a side wave here. It’s all about being imperfect with this trend, sometimes we get caught up in creating intricacy in up-dos, but this look embraces simple and unstructured style.

Braidy Bunch

Adam’s second trend is inspired by Dolce & Gabbana, celebrating both sleek pigtails wrapped into buns and giant messy braids. His look at The Briefing incorporated tousled fishtail plaits and loop-braided pigtails.

There’s versatility in the way I’ve styled this explains Adam, it’s got a ghetto braid vibe with a personalised halo braid that maintains 80’s texture. This look is beautiful, simplistic and modern. I’ve kept the sides fairly flat and formed the braids in a narrow shape to give a military element.

Zoe and Adam both spoke about the importance of having a high skill level to recreate these trends. Adam explained that stylists must have the craftsmanship to break the rules but ensure that the hair is still beautiful.

People ask me all the time for a trend that’s new or unheard of. This is getting harder and harder! I have hundreds of books which help my inspiration. From a trends perspective, my advice would be to take ownership of something before it becomes too disposable. I like to make sure there is longevity in trends and these four autumn/winter 16 trends are achievable, adaptable and more importantly, loved by clients.

ghd will be holding trend briefings each season, bringing stylists and experts the newest trends.

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