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On Wednesday September 20th, during Milan Fashion Week, the iconic hairstyling brand, ghd partnered with Byblos Milano for their spring/summer 2018 show, where the hairstylist Adrian Clark and the ghd Italia’s artistic team created the colourful look.

Manuel, the main designer for Byblos Milano, was looking at a lot of martial arts films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, Kill Bill etc. He really liked the main female leads of those films because they were really strong women and so he wanted to create a look that had the strength and discipline of martial arts. But he also wanted to make her into a woman so it’s feminine, with the use of make-up and hair as a ritual for getting ready. – Adrian Clark

In this collection there’s a female spirit in two. The samurai part brings out her determination and strength, in contrast with the geisha’s hyper-feminine side.

In Kill Bill and all those other films, the main female lead is very masculine and tough, so Manuel wanted to somehow bring that together in the make-up and the hair; with the clean lines mirroring the same lines that were in the clothes. The prints in the clothes break and move, so do the prints in the hair as the solid graphic line breaks apart when the hair moves. We wanted the hair to mirror the fabric of the clothes, and also to have colour pop in the same way. – Adrian Clark

Get the look…
  1. Create a perfect centre parting.
  2. Tuck hair behind the ear and then braid each section; one braid behind each ear.
  3. Create a horizontal section from ear to ear and pin both braids together at the nape of the neck. Let the rest of the hair fall loosely over the hidden braids.
  4. Blow-dry the rest of the hair using the ghd Air hairdryer and finish with the ghd Platinum styler to give a straight, smooth finish.
  5. To create the pop of colour, apply masking tape horizontally from shoulder to shoulder across the hair. Leave a 2cm space between the masking tape and paint clear gel onto the hair between this space. Mix solid pigments into the gel and apply it to the same area, painting two clean graphic lines from shoulder to shoulder across the bottom of the hair.
  6. Dry the colour with the ghd Air hairdryer and gently remove the tape to finish the look.

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