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To celebrate Chromat’s ten year anniversary, designer Becca McCharen-Tran revisits some of the brand’s favourite collaborations in a new future-forward focus on collective gatherings. SS20 illuminates the bright future of innovation and collaboration at Chromat.

In line with Chromat’s mission of inclusivity and innovative designs, the goal of the new Resort 2020 collection was to create empowering garments for all bodies. This runway show celebrates the inspiring women, femmes and non-binary #ChromatBABES who inspire us to be bold and unapologetic every day.

ghd Brand Ambassador, Justine Marjan, was extremely excited to be working with Chromat this season.

I couldn’t be more honoured to work with a brand that celebrates and empowers all women. For this show, we wanted to make sure the hair exuded confidence and that every woman felt powerful walking down the runway.

The key technique:
  • To create the look, start by blow-drying the hair smooth with the ghd air hairdryer (£99). Once the hair is completely dry, clip away a front triangular section of the hair on one side. Flat iron the remaining sections of the hair from roots to ends with the ghd platinum+ styler (£189). Gather the top section of the hair half-up and spray extra hold hairspray at the roots and brush the hair into a half-pony and secure with snag-free elastic.
  • Repeat on the remaining bottom section of the hair and add it to the top half-up section to create a high pony. Secure with snag-free elastic and spray the roots again with an extra hold hairspray. Release the clipped section in front and curl at the root toward the face using the ghd curve soft curl iron (£129). Back brush the roots and smooth the hair with a smoothing brush to create a shelf-like swoop around the face.
  • Use the ghd platinum+ styler (£189) to shape the front section of the hair and straighten the ponytail if need be. To complete the look, take a smoothing sheet and glide it over the hair beginning at the roots through the length of the ponytail to fight frizz and create a visibly smoother look.  

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