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This Friday 12th April saw the start of Coachella - a week long music and arts festival held in the Colorado Desert, California.

On hand to help style some of the festival's biggest guests was ghd; using their ever so appropriate, Festival collection to create some Instagram-worthy styles!

Maya Jama - hair by Patrick Wilson
  1. Prep hair with ghd curl hold spray for shine and added heat protection.
  2. Create a deep side parting and blow-dry super straight using the ghd festival collection air hairdryer (£99).
  3. Use the ghd curve classic curl tong, (£120) alternating the direction of the curls for added texture.
  4. Leave the ends straighter using the ghd platinum+ festival styler (£175).
  5. Seal the top of the parting using the back of the warm styler to lock in the hair.
  6. Twist pin a small section at the front of the hair and align with the parting.
  7. Finish with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray for maximum hold.


Lydia Connell (right) - hair by Patrick Wilson
  1. Start by spraying the hair generously with ghd heat protect spray and work into the hair with the ghd air festival collection hairdryer.
  2. Run the ghd platinum+ festival collection styler to seal the cuticle down and create a super sleek finish.
  3. Pull the hair back into a low ponytail using the precision of the ghd tail comb. Secure with an elastic and tame any flyaways using a tiny pump of smooth and finish serum on a tooth brush.
  4. Add Kela bead charms and chains throughout the hair, and finally secure the ponytail with one final chain.
  5. Spritz the hair with ghd final fix hairspray to ensure the look lasts all night.


Lucy Connell (left) - hair by Samantha Cusick
  1. Prep hair with straight and smooth spray which contains heat protection.
  2. Create a poker straight look throughout the hair using the ghd gold festival collection styler. Glide the tool gently through the hair from roots to ends.
  3. Next, create an inch thick channel of hair from the front of the head to the crown. Add large chain rings to the section, threading the hair through and stopping at the point of the crown.
  4. Create two micro braids to sit either side of the chain rings.
  5. Secure into a high ponytail at the back and conceal the band by wrapping a small piece of hair around the pony leaving waves free for an undone look.
  6. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to add shine and hold the look together.


Marta Carriedo - hair by Patrick Wilson
  1. Prep hair with ghd curl hold spray for hold.
  2. Create a deep side parting in the hair and clip away to add the adornment and embellishment later on.
  3. Next, add luxe, loose waves to the hair using the ghd gold festival collection styler. Place the styler at the root and rotate half a turn to start creating some movement within the hair.
  4. Continue to rotate as you push down and glide the styler through to the ends. Release the hair from the styler towards the ends of the hair to achieve a modern straight end.
  5. Repeat the technique throughout the back sections, always keeping the styler horizontal and with a full turn.
  6. Once the hair has cooled, use the ghd detangling comb to loosen the hair waves by combing from roots to ends. Personalise your look by massaging small sections of hair between your fingers to add extra texture.
  7. Tightly French braid two small braids towards the crown of the head, starting just by the ear. Untuck a small piece of hair to sit in front of the braids to personalise the look.
  8. Finish by randomly placing silver hair rings throughout the braids and spritz with hairspray.


Ashley James - hair by Patrick Wilson
  1. Create a deep side parting in the hair using the end of a ghd tail comb and spritz ghd heat protect through the hair for hold and protection.
  2. Create S waves in the hair using the ghd curve classic curl tong. Keep the hair flat as you feed It through the barrel to create a wide curl with lots of volume. The secret to this curl is to ensure the hair is kept flat and to use wider sections.
  3. Create three micro and tight plaits throughout the hair and secure with neon elastics. Finish by breaking up the plait slightly for a looser finish.
  4. Spray hair with final shine spray to add shine, gloss and light definition.


Charlotte De Carle - hair by Samanta Cusick
  1. Work ghd total volume foam into the hair to add body and fullness in a light non-sticky way.
  2. Create a deep side parting in the hair.
  3. Create bends in the hair using the ghd curve soft curl tong. Run the tool backwards and forwards along the hair for a loose and luxe finish.
  4. Let the curls cool and set before brushing out using the ghd wide tooth comb to gently tease the hair.
  5. Add two pearl hair clips to one side of the hair – layering is super cute and on trend at the moment so the more accessories the better.

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