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Straight Up Luxe

Yesterday in London, iconic hairstyling brand ghd partnered with Julien Macdonald for the spring/summer 2018 show, where ghd global ambassador Adam Reed created the hair look.

When we saw the collection it was immediately clear that super-glamorous hair was required. Inspiration then came from the glamorous heritage of the 90s. – Adam Reed

Inspired by high-octane, 90’s glamour and the supermodels of this decade, Adam crafted straight, luxurious, glossy hair full of movement.

We are bringing straight hair back, but in a very modern way. The secret to success here lies in the process – namely starting the look with a brilliant blow-dry via the ghd Air Hairdryer. This achieves brilliant condition, gloss, shine and movement. Afterwards, we are running the ghd Platinum Styler over hair to eliminate any last frizz or kinks.

We’re treating the hair very carefully, as you would a beautiful and delicate fabric. Wanting to keep an element of every girl’s personality, we are then letting girl’s partings fall as close to centre as suits them best. – Adam Reed

Get the look:
  1. Wash hair and comb it through, before applying ghd Heat Protect Spray (£12.95).
  2. Create a parting that is slightly off centre.
  3. Blow-dry hair smooth with the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush size 4 (£17.50) and ghd Air Hairdryer (£99).
  4. Amp up, swish and eliminate any last frizz or kinks by running the ghd Platinum Styler over the hair (£165).
  5. Seal the deal with a spritz of ghd Final Shine Spray (£9.95) and ghd Final Fix Hairspray (£3.95).
  6. You’re good to go!

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