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Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director and ghd Fashion Week Ambassador, abandoned refined hair in favour of a raw, dishevelled look for the SS18 Versus Versace collection. Viewing each girl as the source of inspiration for the look, Eugene added subtle nuances to the hair for a sexy, unpolished finish.

The hair in this season’s show encompasses a sense of broken perfection. Eugene wanted to create an ‘it’s been done at home’ look that you’re not afraid to touch, giving the girls a rock chic edge. Emphasising natural texture helped to enhance the gender neutral look on the catwalk.

Hair looks were varied depending on each models unique texture to create wearable, every day styles.

For this show I wanted to create sexy hair for a night out, so we put lots of texture into each hair look. The aim was to enhance its natural texture but also to break it up at the same time. To do this we used tongs or straighteners, depending on the model’s natural hair feel and length, taking tiny random sections to add some definition and shape, while giving the appearance that nothing had been done to the hair at all. - Eugene Souleiman

Get the look…

To give short hair a rough edge and take the mundane out of a bob, various bits of hair were pulled out using the ghd tail comb and then straightened using the ghd Platinum styler to create different contrasts in textures for a broken, sexier feeling. EIMI Root Shoot was sprayed underneath the hair to lift the roots and create a natural, raw edge. The fringe was sporadically straightened, adding toughness to the look.

To prepare longer hair, a conditioning spray using a mixture of Wella Professionals Elements Lightweight Renewing Conditioner diluted with water was added to dampen hair down and impart a subtle shine. Next the hair was divided into two sections, which were loosely twisted and then dried using ghd Air Hairdryer before pinning them up. To give natural movement, the two twists were released at the last minute and tucked nonchalantly into collars.

Curly hair was tonged in tiny sections to emphasise the natural texture and lift the hair. The curl was broken up by massaging the hair with finger tips at the roots, which helped to add volume to the look. All the looks were naturally finished using palms of the hands to skim the surface and further enhance the touch me texture.

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