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Headed up by Daniel Jordan, the GO24.7 team were backstage at Richard James, creating the hair for the show inspired by 50’s Chelsea socialite, Dandy Kim.

The Richard James Spring/Summer 17 collection snaps the brim of its toquilla straw hat down sharply and speeds across the shimmering, sun-slapped cyan sweep of the Straits of Florida to hedonistic 50s Havana in the company of the enchanting, exquisitely attired British gentleman adventurer and contrebandier, Michael Dandy Kim Caborn-Waterfield.

So-called for his copious collection of stunningly cut Savile Row suits, Dandy Kim took leave of his Chelsea habitat for a suite at the palatial La Plaza hotel in Havana and a stirring spell of sub-rosa shenanigans in 1958 - his ice-cool countenance and sartorial schtick slipping seamlessly into his steamy, seductive new surroundings.

This is a softly sun-bleached collection that captures all the energy and intrigue of Cuba’s capital as the pleasure seekers’ playground par excellence, a theatre of intoxicating thrills set against the rumblings of revolution, a breathtaking background of fading colonial splendour and the brave new world of 30s tropical deco architecture.

Linen and subtly distinct two-faced linen and cotton blends feature prominently in tailoring and keep the double-breasted jackets and wide, high-waisted and sharply pleated trousers cool and beautifully crisp. Delicate pink, blue and mint pastels are punctuated by stinging bright neon accents of the same hue.

Mesmerising, finely detailed prints push forward on shirts, ties and pocket squares, capturing the fantastical form of tropical art deco Havana as it basks in the almost hallucinogenic haze of the searingly hot Caribbean sun.

Taking inspiration from this, Daniel Jordan and the team took it to the late 50s with Cubans and hats in mind!

Once we had the initial inspiration, we went along the lines of a dishevelled, undone look with a looser texture, said Daniel. We were thinking about the humidity from the head and of the men rubbing their hands through the hair once taken the hat off, leaving a ‘lived-in’ look. I liked the idea of creating the idea that the hair had been done perfectly in the morning, but was now looser with more movement as the day went on.

Key products used were GO24.7 Styling Cream and Control Spray.

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