Goodbye Autumn Frizz, Hello Sleek & Glossy Locks

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As we transition from summer to autumn/winter, ghd global brand ambassador, Adam Reed shares exactly how to fight the frizz!

What causes frizz?

The reason for hair frizzing is open cuticles, which allows moisture into the hair and causes the cuticle to rise upwards. Raised cuticles and frizz make the hair hard to control and look dull and flat.

How do you smooth out frizz?

To reduce frizz you need to smooth and seal the cuticle of the hair. A lot of straighteners and hairdryers are too hot and blow open the cuticle, making frizz worse – think about when you’re on holiday and the heat causes your hair to frizz; using super hot styling tools on your hair will do the same. With the ghd platinum+, ultra-zone predictive technology monitors the plate 250 times per second to control heat more effectively than ever before, making sure the heat is maintained at 185°C - the optimum temperature for styling hair without causing damage and opening the cuticles.

Top tips to combat frizz:
  • Rinse hair with cold water after washing it. Cold water constricts the hair and helps shutdown the cuticles.
  • Never rough dry your hair! Rough drying opens up the cuticle causing more frizz. Always blow-dry the hair by following the dryer in the direction of the hair (from roots to ends - facing downwards) and using a good brush like the ghd oval dressing brush (RRP £20), as this will help to keep the cuticles sealed.
  • Run the ghd platinum+ styler over the hair with its perfect ‘safe-for-hair’ temperature, which will immediately seal the cuticle. This will give incredible shine, smoothness and prevent water or humidity from affecting the hair.

ghd platinum+ (RRP £175) is available in the finest salons, department stores and at

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