Great Lengths - How to Care for Your Extensions Whilst at Home

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During these trying times, looking after your hair extensions should be the least of your worries. So to help you our, Great Lengths have put together their top tips on how to care for your extensions at home.

Complete with recommendations, these tips will ensure you’re using the right tools and products to promote longevity and care.

Hair Washing

When wearing extensions, although 100% human hair, you do need to apply a little more attention when you wash your hair. Pick a shampoo that works with your hair type, Great Lengths have a NEW Silver Shine Shampoo for blondes, a Structure Repair, Daily Moisture and Ultimate Colour shampoo (RRP £14.95-£15.95) that have all been specially formulated to work in harmony with your extensions. Be gentle and be patient, avoid encouraging matting by lathering up your shampoo on top of your head, instead gently and slowly massage shampoo from the root to tip applying special care when you are washing near your bonds or GL Tapes. Ensure you don’t apply any conditioner at the root/application area. Conditioners can affect the bonds or GL Tapes and cause extensions to detach prematurely. - ​Nyree Robinson, Great Lengths Sales Executive

Colour Maintenance

Specifically for blondes, if you’re used to popping to the salon for your regular toner make sure you invest in the Great Lengths Silver Shine Shampoo so that you can complete the process and banish those brassy tones at home. The NEW Silver Shine Shampoo can be used weekly to keep your colour looking its best and is 100% compatible with Great Lengths. For a more intense treatment you can leave the shampoo on for longer, (please seek your personal recommendation from your stylist) to remove yellow and brassy tones and replenish, uplift and bring life back to your blonde locks. - ​Louise Jenkins, Great Lengths Creative & Education Manager

Intensive Treatment

This is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to some well deserved pamper time. Sometimes amongst our busy lifestyles we forget to give ourselves and our hair that extra little bit of attention, but whilst you have the time, use it wisely to look after your Great Lengths. Great Lengths have a new High Performance Hair Mask (RRP £24.95) that nourishes and moisturises your hair, it’s particularly good for those who are wearing long extensions and doesn’t take long to get to work. Apply to wet hair for 10-15 minutes for an intensive hair treatment. - Louise Jenkins, Great Lengths Creative & Education Manager


A question we receive a lot is how do I brush my extensions? Again with our busy lifestyles we don’t always show as much attention as we should in this area, but use this time to ensure your Great Lengths are maintained and looked after well to increase longevity between your visit to salons. Use a soft bristle brush, Great Lengths offer these in many sizes (RRP £13.95-£40.00) to suit all hair types and sweep through the hair from root to tips ensuring you brush over the bonds. For thick and long hair, it’s recommended to separate your hair into sections and brush gradually to ensure minimal pulling on your bonds or GL Tapes. Before brushing also insure you take the time to separate your bonds one by one to ensure no matting or tangles. - Nyree Robinson, Great Lengths Sales Executive

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