Grown Up Nail Art

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Sometimes a plain nail colour just doesn’t quite cut it. You want to be a bit more creative, get your artistic juices flowing.

The choice of graphics for nail art is limitless, but we don’t all have the time to sit and paint Da Vinci style masterpieces on our nails, nor is it often appropriate to have bold and brash prints.

This is where a subtle hint of nail art can help you out – simplistic enough that it’s easy to do, yet stylish enough to make a statement.

The above designs have been easily created using two nail polish colours, some simple tools and finishing off with a top coat. Reinforcement stickers (what is often use in home manicure kits) are great to use for creating different coloured crescents on the nails. Your bog-standard everyday tape can be easily used to help protect part of the nail you don't want polish on to help give sharp diagonal lines of colour, and craft tape in gold and silver can easily be applied in thin strips for a simple effect. Lines can often be tricky, but with a steady hand and a cuticle stick you can achieve a variety of lines in size, shape and colour.

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