Hair Comes Winter... Hints & Tips for Winter Hair Survival

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The cold weather can certainly take its toll on your tresses, and it is so easy to forget about looking after it when it is bundled up in a bun or hidden under a hat.

With the winter months now bearing down upon us, we turned to Salonista owner, Stacey Gadke for her top tips on winter hair survival.

Weekly hair treatments

We treat ourselves to face masks, so the same should apply for our hair. A repair treatment once a week will work wonders and protect your hair from becoming brittle. Try Eleven Australia 3 Minute Repair Treatment - it nourishes and hydrates the hair wihtout weighing it down.

Put a hat on it

Like in the summer, wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp from the elements. Should you suffer from any static issues from wearing a hat or you feel your hair goes limp under a hat, try a spritz of dry shampoo to revive your blow-dry. Eleven Australia Give Me Clean Hair is my go to product – it doesn’t leave a chalky residue and smells divine.

Keratin treatment

The cold, damp mornings can play havoc with a fresh blow-dry! Opting for a keratin treatment will reduce frizz, cut down drying time and smooth the hair. Whilst these treatments are popular in the summer, they are equally as beneficial in the winter months.

Kerastraight offers a few treatment options:
  • The semi-permanent Ultimate Treatment for all hair types lasts around four months
  • Intense Boost treatment which last 30 days
  • Moisture Boost treatment for thick, dry and damaged hair
  • Protein Boost for fine, weak hair
Chop, chop

Regular trims, they really do make all the difference. Those split ends left unmanaged will cause more breakage.

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