Hair Health Starts with Scalp Health with POSE Salon, Dubai

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While most of us are fixated more on the caring of our actual strands of hair, the truth is that hair wellness is rooted in the scalp’s health and moisture level.

We caught up with the team at POSE Salon Dubai for their take on why scalp care trumps hair care…

A dry, flaky, or itchy scalp cannot support the growth of healthy, lively hair. You should tend to your hair and scalp the same way you would care for the rest of your skin, yet many of us underestimate how important our scalp is and often neglect it. You may face problems with dandruff, dead skin build-up at the hair follicles and other conditions that can lead to hair loss.

Here's a few fun facts to get you thinking!...
  • Your scalp involves just as much effort as you put into your everyday skincare routine. If you think about it, your scalp is skin too. So, why wouldn’t you treat it just the same?
  • Your scalp ages SIX times faster than the rest of your body!
  • Research shows that scalp massage can support a higher quality of life, greater mental health, and a better body image.
So, what can you do?

If you notice that your hair is dull, flat, limp, or falling, take some time to analyse your scalp. Chances are that you’ll notice your scalp is lacking some hydration, and you might also be experiencing some flakiness, which is an early warning sign of flagging scalp health.

You may also notice build-up from products or dead skin which can clog follicles and will eventually stop producing hair and block the healthy shedding of dead hair that allows new hair to grow.

There are many professional scalp products available and most reputable salons will be happy to advise clients according to their issues.

At Pose Salon we offer Scalp Clinix by Schwarzkopf and have noticed significant improvements to our clients’ scalps when used regularly. The treatment includes a prewash scrub and a 15-minute head massage before applying custom-made formulas, plus a full range of aftercare products are available for clients to use at home.

We hope that next time when booking your regular hair or beauty appointments, you also remember to show your scalp some love.

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