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With the upcoming festivities of Halloween, which is getting more popular every year, there are usually plenty of parties and activities to get involved in - thus the temptation of the easiest of costume transformations would be to throw some sort of ‘vivid’ colour on our hair.

This is all well and good for the ‘one’ evening of the year when we want to be noticed, but the consequences of doing so may last a lot longer than you intended.

So, with our warning heeded, we turned to colour extraordinaire, Terry Longden to give all you Halloween fans a few things to think about before popping along to the local fancy dress shop or salon to buy a bright ‘semi-permanent’ colour to make a ‘temporary’ impact.

  • Just because the product is described as a ‘semi’ doesn’t mean that the result will be temporary.
  • If your hair is chemically processed in any way i.e. perm/colour/highlighted, your hair will automatically be more porous, meaning that whatever ‘semi’ you put on this (including food colouring) will push further inside the hair cortex. The more porous the hair, the deeper a semi will travel, therefore making it more difficult to remove.
  • If you have virgin hair with no chemical processing but you over use irons etc., this can also cause porosity and make the semi last longer than intended.
  • If you are blonde and decide you want fake blood or a splash of blood red colour to shock and scare, make sure you have plenty of time and money to try to get it back blonde or else you’ll be sporting many shades of pink up to Christmas.
  • Pumpkin orange and ghoulish green will also have long term effects, but if you’re happy going to work with varying shades of these tones as they fade, then fill your witches boots.
  • On the upside if you are already a chestnut tone then the orange will enhance as it fades, as will blood red over darker brunettes and red browns.
  • Always perform a skin allergy test behind your ear 48hrs prior to using even a semi, otherwise your costume could develop natural horror prosthetics and a wheeze and groan you couldn’t replicate even if you practiced.

Armed with this information your best bet for looking your best on ‘Hallows Eve’ are wigs, coloured hair extensions, hair pieces and plenty of make-up, or you could buy plenty of bandages and get practicing on your ‘Mummy’ walk.

Happy Halloween,

Terry Longden

Images: Top image: Pinterest / Body image: Mackenzie Marie YouTube

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