Healthy Nails

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Layers of nail polish, gel and everyday chemicals can cause havoc on your nails – leading to weakness, bending and peeling.

Getting your nails strong and healthy is possible, but it is a process and one that takes time and patience. Taking good care of your nails can help them last longer in the growth stage, and it can also give you more of a canvas to use when it comes to nail art.

So, how do you get talons to be proud of?


Go naked!

If your nails are in a bad way, are dry and discoloured, it’s time to remove the nail polish and leave it off until your nails are back to health. Nail polish can dry out your nails, so taking it off and allowing your nails to recover is the best option.

In file

Firstly, resist the urge to share your nail file with anyone else, they are notorious germ trappers! Secondly, file correctly…

  • When filing natural nails, opt for a soft file – 240 grit is usually best to begin with
  • File in one direction only using a side to centre motion
  • Hold the file flat against the nail tip to avoid thinning
  • Don’t file too far into the sides of the nail, this will cause stress and breakage
Buff it

Buffing your nails can help smooth the surface, which is perfect for those annoying vertical ridges that can develop as we age. Make sure to be gentle when buffing so as not to thin the nail.

Don’t cut it

Don’t cut your cuticles! Soak your nails and then using a classic orange stick, scrape off the non-living tissue. For a paint on treatment, use butter LONDON’s Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliater which gently removes dry, overgrown cuticles.

Don’t go thirsty

Nails need to be hydrated, since most problems crop up when they’re thirsty. Use a good hand and nail moisturiser, such as Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream.

Flex those muscles

Every nail company makes nail strengtheners, but we recommend butter LONDON’s Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat. This wonder product fortifies fragile nails and prevents breakage.

Know your limit

Exposure to water is often the main culprit for peeling, breaking and splitting. Surprisingly, the more you soak, the drier the nail becomes, weakening over time. Mix water with household detergents and cleaners, and it’s a recipe for disaster, so use gloves when doing household chores. Nail polish removers can also have adverse effects, so make sure you choose an acetone free one. After hand washing, apply moisturiser, and for extra protection, use a basecoat such as butter LONDON’s Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat. 

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