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Honey is one of nature’s most valuable ingredients. It makes a sweet sweetener, a great sore throat healer, and most importantly of all, a fantastic facial cleanser.

Just in case you are thinking that this is another weird beauty craze, think again. Honey has been used on the skin for centuries, and is often used for both medicinal and skincare purposes. With its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and nurturing properties, honey is great for those with particularly sensitive skin. The antibacterial properties of honey are so strong that it is great at dealing with acne. Due to its very low PH levels, acne bacteria cannot survive in honey – bonus! Need something to calm and moisturise your skin, honey is your hero! This sweet humectant is gentle enough to use on even the tenderest of dry skin patches.

Which honey to buy?

You need to use the best quality honey that you can afford – one that is labelled raw. Manuka is a common type of honey used for skincare, but can be a little pricey. Holland & Barrett do a great Mauka Honey range by Manuka Pharm, which is well worth checking out.

How do I use it on my skin?

You can use honey in several different ways. If you want to use it as a facial cleanser, we recommend adding a small amount of water to your honey. Scoop your honey on to your palm and add water, this will make the lathering of the honey onto your face a little easier. Once spread onto your skin, leave on for a minute or so and then simply rinse off – it removes easily with water.

If you want to use the honey as a mask, simply spread the honey on to your face – it’s sticky, so it will take a bit of work – and then leave it for five-ten minutes before washing off.

The absolute best bit about using honey as a cleanser – it’s natural, free of any nasties and delivers – in our opinion – a better job than most high-end cleansers, leaving you with plenty of loose change in your pocket!

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