Holiday Hair Hacks for your Summer Fun

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With summer holidays nearly upon us, it’s key that you care for your hair while enjoying your hols lounging on the beach. You’ve worked hard on your hair; you've got a great colour, great style, great condition, so you don’t want to return to your stylist after two weeks in the sun with frazzled, dry and damaged tresses!

Sam Ashcroft, stylist at Brooks & Brooks, London, says,

It’s your responsibility to ensure you use protective products while sunning yourself. Your stylist can offer simple styling solutions while you are on holiday and will recommend the right haircare regime for your holiday hair.

Here’s Sam’s top holiday hair hacks for the summer:
  1. I Recommend you take hair products that will protect and strengthen the hair, such as Kerastase Bain Apres Soleil Shampoo and Conditioner, which is perfect for restoring the hair after a day in the sun and water. It contains coconut water, which helps remove chlorine, salt and residue.Pack products that have multi-benefits, such as Redken One United – it has 25 benefits in one so is easy to pack and simple to use. A few sprays on wet hair will add moisture, protein and shine.
  2. Keep hair healthy by using Philip Kingsley Swim Cap. This leave-in hair cream acts like a sunscreen for the hair, protecting it from UV rays and the damaging effects from salt water and chlorine.
  3. Try not to style the hair for the day AND night. Stick to one and try and embrace your hair’s natural texture when in humid climates. It’s kinder to the hair and you won’t be paranoid about it frizzing!
  4. Use a moisture-based product that will keep hair hydrated – and stay away from sea salts. It’s drying for the hair and will make the hair colour fade quickly.
  5. If sunbathing, pull hair into a top bun and use a multi-benefits spray through the mid-lengths and ends, then tie a neck scarf around the bun to add glamour and hide the ends from the sun.
  6. Braid the hair for the day and take it out for the evening. Add a few sprays of dry shampoo to give a great lived-in texture.
  7. High top knots are great in the day time and evening. It will limit sun exposure to the lengths and ends during the day and look sophisticated and elegant for a night out.

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