Holiday Hair: High Summer Maintenance

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As we move into SS15 trends and begin to think about that all important summer holiday, the one question on a girl’s mind is, “How do I protect the colour of my hair?”

On Holiday we face all the elements, such as sea breeze, sunshine and chlorinated pools, which is why celebrity hairstylist Paul Edmonds offers his expert tips and product recommendations to ensure you brave the beach feeling hair confident.

Pre-holiday prep is extremely important, as the harsh sun can alter hair colour adversely when on holiday and dry the hair further, which is why you should consider the following before opting for a splash of colour.....

1. What is your skin tone and eye colour? For example, slightly tanned skin, Scandinavian and lighter eyes are great with whiter, icier hues – the warmer your skin the warmer/golden the blonde will suit.

2. What is your base hair colour? To achieve a high lift blonde you have to apply a lot of bleach, maybe even a couple of times if you are dark. In order to remove any pigment that could leave a yellow tone to the blonde, this process can be long and can be irritating on the scalp.

3. Hair condition. The weaker, finer and damaged the hair is the more likely it will need hydration and hair treatments to ensure the quality of the hair is in tip-top condition before, during and after the colouring process.

4. Be careful when swimming, as chlorinated pools will make it green. One way of counteracting this is tomato juice, as this can neutralise the colour, but be careful... it can go pink, so apply Kerastase Aqua Soleil Aqua Aeal because it is a water resistant fluid cream that once applied to hair prior to swimming will help prevent affects of chlorine on your hair colour. If all else fails, a trip to a professional salon is best to rectify. The best thing is to keep hair clipped up, perhaps in braids or wear a hair hat in the pool to ensure it doesn’t get wet!

Beach Bag Essentials

  • To prepare the hair prior to sun exposure try the Kerastase Soliel range, which contains sun protecting ingredients
  • To protect hair against heat and prevent excess damage try Kerastase Ciment Thermique
  • To restore and strengthen hair try Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy, which contains ceramides
  • To moisture and repair hair try Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet
  • To remove yellow build up on the hair try Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Cool Blonde Conditioner. This can be applied after shampooing and left in the hair for ten minutes, helping to return cool blonde tones to their former glory
  • To brighten and repair blonde hair, try the L’Oreal Professional Shine Blonde range
  • For added moisture, gloss and shine try a touch of Shu Uemura Essence Absolute, which is an essential travel companion and can be applied to lengths and ends when hair is wet or dry

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