How to Achieve the Perfect Beach Waves

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Laid-back, easy glamour beach waves are now as visible on the Red Carpet as they are beach-side but how do you achieve them?

Stuart Hastings, Senior Stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton gives us the low-down on a trend that shows no signs of abating!

Tight Beach Waves
  1. To achieve tight beach waves, spray L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli through the hair only and smooth out the hairline to ensure you don’t smooth the ends out as you want to keep the hair’s natural texture.
  2. Next split the hair into small half-inch sections, and starting from the back using a one-inch tong, wrap the hair around the tong and hold for 20 seconds. Make sure you do not twist the hair as you wrap it, and when removing the tongs avoid touching the hair.
  3. Tong the last sections on the hairline away from the face.
  4. Once the hair has cooled down, apply a good amount of L’Oreal Beach Waves and scrunch into the hair as well as the roots.
Loose Beach Waves
  1. For smooth loose beach waves, apply L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli from the roots to the ends and blow-dry smooth with a little root lift.
  2. Working from the back, take one-inch sections and use a large tong to curl. When wrapping the sections around the tong apply a little twist as you go.
  3. When reaching the hairline make sure the sections are away from the face – this gives a natural look.
  4. Once the hair is cooled, brush out with a wide tooth comb – never use a brush or a small comb - it has to be a wide tooth comb.
  5. Apply a small amount of L’Oreal Beach Waves.
  6. Try putting in a side parting and tuck one side behind the ear for an on-point look.

Looking Good at the Beach

To keep hair looking good at the beach, Stuart recommends you have these five hero products always in your beach bag:

  • L’Oreal Beach Waves
  • L'Oreal Pli
  • Tangle Teezer
  • L’Oreal full volume mousse
  • Mario Badescu Aloe and Cucumber spray

The last one is technically a facial spray, but trust me your hair needs some moisture too, especially after a day of sand and sea exposure! So to rejuvenate your hair, spritz a little and watch it transform into hydrated and healthy hair ready to go from the beach to the bar.

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