How-To Create Emma Willis' Marcel Waved Knotted Bun With Megan Stevens

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Megan Stevens of Jamie Stevens Hair Salon created Emma Willis’ hairstyle for the first of two battle rounds on BBC One’s The Voice, which aired on Saturday 1st March. Megan said of Emma's look,

This sleek, grown-up look complements Emma’s androgynous lace shirt and trouser outfit and creates a powerful, yet effortlessly cool impact, worn with buckets of glossy shine.

Below, Megan demonstrates how-to achieve this deconstructed Marcel waved up-do in five easy steps:

Step 1: Apply a volumising mousse to damp hair such as Matrix Go Big mousse and then blow-dry the hair smooth with a medium round brush.

Step 2: Separating out the fringe from the rest of the hair and working on the fringe area, use a medium sized tong and direct it so that the curl is facing towards the face, spraying each section with a non-aerosol hairspray before tonging.

Step 3: Once completed, brush out the curls from root to tip with a bristle brush and at each bend in the wave, add a small sectioning clip to keep the wave in place, applying a tissue underneath to avoid the clip making any marks on the hair.

Step 4: Leaving the fringe area to set, sleek the rest of the hair back into a low ponytail at the nape, before looping and wrapping the hair around the pony into a knot.

Step 5: Remove all the clips from the fringe area and spritz over the finished look with a strong hairspray and a touch of shine spray such as Matrix Surround Shine.

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