How to create that Popping Pout!

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A bold lipstick can transform your whole look, so why not change up your everyday make-up and add that pop of colour. Bright bold lip colours are great for adding a bit of spark to a plain outfit and it also brightens up a drab day.

However, a deep crimson red or a bright pop of pink can be tricky to apply evenly. I think it is safe to say that we have all been there at some stage, trying to perfect your lip liner only to end up with an overdrawn mess. But don’t let that stop you. Follow my advice for wearing a bold lip to make sure people are looking at your pout for the right reasons. It’s never the wrong time of year for this beauty trend and lips have never been more ‘in’ than this season.

  1. Preparation - I always feel that we don't look after our lips as much as the rest of our face and never really spend time looking after them. I advise on regularly using lip balms, moisturisers and lip scrubs to maintain a healthy pout! Water is also a major key to a full pout, as when we are dehydrated our lips dry out, shrink and chap, with none of the three being very flattering I suggest plenty of water which will also keep your skin glowing.
  2. Liner - Always use a lip pencil to define the outer edge when using bold colours to prevent your lipstick smudging. The stain in lip liners last longer than most lipsticks so I advise shading in most of the lip as well as the outer line. Our Mini Flat Packer P345 is great for blending out pencils in the inner lip as its super soft fibres along with its small chiselled point fit perfectly on the lip area. To give that extra touch take The Angled Liner P410 and glide along the outer edges were the pencil has been placed for super sharp definition.
  3. Lipstick - For an even and sharp application I recommend always applying with a flat brush. The angled liner is perfect for this, its super flat angled fibres make achieving clean lines easy while the angled point makes getting into inner corners a breeze. I always start with the bottom lip getting this balanced and even first before attempting the top Cupid Bow. Be careful not to over load the outer edges of your lip with lipstick as this can smudge.
  4. Final check - This may sound strange, but the key to preventing those horrid lipstick stains on your teeth is to open your mouth wide and place your clean pinkie finger inside and close your lips around your finger while pulling it out with a pop! On your finger will be the excess lipstick that could have potentially been on your teeth. A neat little trick too for topping up on a night out!

Now go have fun creating your bold lip!

Aisling (Powder ‘n’ Pout) xx

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