Imperfectly Perfect Texture

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Backstage at the Missoni AW18 show, iconic hairstyling brand ghd joined forces with international session stylist Anthony Turner to create a look that reflected the fashion and beauty industry’s current fascination with individuality, building upon each models own hair texture rather than creating something rigid and uniformed.

Far from being considered undone or messy, raw, lived-in textures were revitalized and celebrated,

We’re celebrating individuality and different textures across the runway. – Anthony Turner.

Showcasing women and men at their most comfortable and cool, Anthony Turner helped prove that imperfectly perfect is real and achievable,

We’re not making all of the hair look exactly the same, it’s not a generic look and instead it’s more celebratory of what the models naturally have. – Anthony Turner.

The looks were cool and disheveled, inspired by how hair would feel after a night of dancing but with a luxe and healthy edge,

The final look felt like the models have been partying - it was more rock ‘n’ roll than perfectly polished. – Anthony Turner.

Get the look:
  1. Prep the hair with ghd root lift spray (£12.95) and ghd total volume foam (£14.95) for hold and to add shine to the hair.
  2. Dry the hair with the ghd air hairdryer (£99), using your hand in a scrunching motion to add texture as you dry.
  3. For smooth coiffed hair, work the ghd curve classic curl tong (£120) and ghd curve soft curl tong (£120), depending on the hair length, to add kinks and bends in different directions for an imperfect finish.
  4. Smooth out the ends using the ghd gold styler (£139) where needed in a soft pressing motion.

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