Is Squalane Your Dry Skin Saviour

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If you’re looking for a powerhouse ingredient to deliver hydration, moisture, and comfort to your dry, winter-worn skin, then Squalane is your answer. This nourishing oil will replenish, balance, and strengthen your skin for a healthy, bouncy, youthful glow.

Katherine Daniels, Co-Founder of Donna Tait says:

Squalane is a natural oil/lipid (usually derived from olives), rich in Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids and light hydrators. This plant-based oil has the closest resemblance to our skin’s sebum, which means it works wonderfully with almost all skin types or conditions - dry, sensitive, irritated, ageing, and oily.

Squalane provides an instant hit of mega moisture to soften, hydrate and replenish dry and dehydrated skin. This hero ingredient also replenishes and maintains the moisture/lipid balance of our skin, which is essential for strengthening our skin’s barrier function. This fortified barrier function works to lock in moisture, protect against environmental aggressors and prevent premature ageing.

Incorporate these Squalane-rich winter skin saviours into your skin and body care regimes to defeat dryness once and for all…

MARA Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil (£49 / 120ml,
  • Cleanse, brighten and hydrate while gently sweeping away makeup and impurities with this multi-tasking formula designed to make your skin glow.
  • Quatre fruit enzyme blend - four skin smoothing fruit enzymes - papaya, pineapple, grapefruit & pumpkin – work overtime to gently exfoliate dull skin and hydrate for a bouncy, bright complexion.
  • Squalane – Vitamin E superhero that provides incredible hydration, replenishes the moisture barrier, and balances oil production for a silky-smooth rinse off.
  • Proprietary Algae Blend – full of phyto-nutrients, omegas 3, 6 and 9 to plump, firm and leave skin smooth and nourished.
  • Moringa Oil, Spirulina, Kelp and Chia – are packed with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids for mega moisture and calmed, clean, healthy skin.


Katherine Daniels Concentrate for Dry Skin (£49.00 / 30ml,

This lightweight, salon-strength emulsion enhances the youth mechanisms and natural oil production of dry skins, instantly leaving your skin dewy, plumped, supple and comfortable, while over time the increased cellular energy provides a ‘new skin’ effect.

  • Red Algae and Blue Micro Algae - activate collagen and elastin production, stimulate the production of new cells, and restore density to the skin.
  • Squalane - Contains essential fatty acids, light hydrators, antioxidants, and antiseptic properties to moisturise, strengthen and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.
  • Extract of Myrtle – Boosts cellular energy to increase cell and tissue life.


MESSIAH and EVE Body Cream .01 (£25 / 300ml,

Don’t reserve good skin days just for your face! This nourishing yet lightweight body cream smooths on like silk to nourish, hydrate and provide daily skin barrier support.

  • Squalane –deeply hydrates and locks-in moisture.
  • Prebiotics - promotes healthier skin via micro-biome and supports barrier function.
  • Vitamin B5 - protects and moisturises, smoothes and soothes the skin.
  • Jojoba & Avocado oils – full of fatty acids to soften and replenish, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. 
  • ‘Beyond Here’ is a bespoke French fine fragrance blending jasmine, bergamot, black pepper, rich leather and wood, designed to subtly last on your skin.

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