It is All in the Eyes – Now That They are All Anyone Sees!

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Bronzer, blush, bold lips – beauty items that are always so synonymous with summer, but this year things are very different.

With masks being made mandatory across the UK and further afield, it seems like those bold summer make-up days are all but lost. However, the eyes are still seen, so there is no better time to get a little playful with your eye makeup routine.

Believe it or not, mask makeup has become a thing on social media. Along with face coverings has come an onslaught of bold, bright, and daring eye looks. Think neon, daring graphics, and unique eyeliner designs.

Going bold with your eyes is still a great way to express your individuality. And yes, we know it can get very hot under those masks, especially in the summer heat. So, to keep your eye makeup in place, we recommend using a primer, such as NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, to keep your eyeshadow in place longer and to help enhance the colour.

Playful ways to refresh your eye makeup this summer
  • White Eyeliner – a great way to update your everyday cat eye.
  • Colourful Lashes – lashes are a great way to elevate any look, so why not swap your usual black or brown mascara and opt for something a little more bold, or buy some coloured false lashes that you can wear on those days where you are feeling a little extra!
  • Buffed-Out Eyeshadow – buffing out your eyeshadow towards your cheeks is for those that are feeling a little daring. The biggest trick to creating this look is to make sure you blur the eyeshadow to stop harsh lines and instead create a cloud-like effect.
  • Eyeshadow Adhesives – so many choices when it comes to adhesives: do you choose rhinestones, pearls, stars, or even Swarovski crystals. Placing a few trinkets at the edge of your eyes immediately takes your look up a notch.
  • Outlined Shadow - instead of wearing the eyeliner along your lash line, outline your eyeshadow instead. For an extra clean line, start by making dots in the shape you desire, and then connect them with your eyeliner.

  • Gloss – using a glossy eyeshadow is a great way to give your look that dewy summer sheen. While there will be some inevitable creasing with eye gloss, you can get a seamless look by applying it in smaller amounts and diffusing the edges.
  • Shimmer – use shimmer in a different way to enhance the eyes, such as dripping inner corners, along the brow bone, or use it in negative space around the eye.
  • Different Lid & Lash Line Hues – why use the same colours when you can be playful and go for bold colour combinations?
  • Monochrome Looks – it does not get more minimal than monochrome. This look is all about sticking to one colour for a more subtle statement.
  • Neon – think graphic liners, combined hues, and pops of colour. For maximum neon impact, start with a white base!
  • Elongated Eyeliner – for some variation, try elongating your eyeliner. Instead of stopping at the edge of your eye, just keep on going for a few more centimetres. You can keep it thin or go thick and defined. Also, try using a bright colour for extra style kudos!

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