KAAL E SUKTAE Autumn / Winter 15

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Designer Lee Suk Tae founded his own fashion brand, KAAL E.SUKTAE back in 1997. Modernism is the source for his work, creating a modern and contemporary concept that follows the avant-garde.

KAAL E.SUKTAE approaches street fashion with cultural sensitivity and traditional methods.

Session Stylist: Matthew Curtis

Hair Inspiration: Low, sporty, tousled ponytails. We created a lived-in look to reflect the sporty feel of the collection. Ponytails allowed the collars to be seen and standout on the runway.

Kitbag Essential: Medium hold hairspray, sea salt spray dry shampoo and a curling wand.


1. Begin with clean, dry hair and apply and create an undone centre parting.

2. Using a 1 Inch curling wand, curl the hair, starting at the nape of the neck and working to the top of the head. Concentrate the heat at the root to give texture at the top and loose waves at the ends.

3. Spray a medium hold hairspray over the hair to secure waves.

4. Take a radial section of the hair from ear to ear and pull the hair into a ponytail, one inch above the nape of the neck. Secure with elastic.

5. Using a hair-up brush, back comb hair around the crown area.

6. Gather the rest of the hair and pull toward the back of the head, leaving hair over the ears and attach to the ponytail with elastic.

7. Wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail for a sporty feel and secure with a bobby pin.

8. Pull out two strands of hair from the front and let them fall naturally around the face.

9. Finish the look by spraying dry shampoo all over to give texture and definition.

Tip: For extra texture, spray sea salt spray throughout the hair after curling.

Photography: Ron Adar / Getty Images North America

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