Kim Kardashian Wedding Hair with Anna Baker

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While awaiting formal photos from the biggest celebrity wedding of 2014 so far, paparazzi photos show that Kim Kardashian has stayed true to her signature look of flowing, dark glossy styling for her bridal hair, and here's how to achieve that high polish, big wave gloss finish, says Anna Baker, Bridal Director at Errol Douglas Salon.

  • Prep the hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner – hydration right from the beginning of the process is key, and it'll plump the follicles ready for heated tools
  • Smooth a little blow-dry balm from mid-lengths to ends and follow with a layer of strong hold mousse. The latter supports waves without making the hair crisp or sticky
  • Using a large barrel brush, blow-dry sectioned hair with tension from the roots in a directional downwards motion following with the dryer's nozzle. Choose a dryer that works harder in terms of overall finish. Errol Douglas's Infrared PRO Hairdryer, dries from the inside out locking in moisture with a very quick dry time - both protect the extent of the shine achieved
  • Once dry, part the hair to the side, giving a nod to retro glamour by keeping the parting low, working back from the outer corner of the eyebrow as a marker going up into the hairline and back
  • Using a curling iron and working in horizontal rows from the top down to the nape, take inch width sections and wrap around the barrel holding for a few seconds before carefully sliding out the tong. Clip each curl flat to the head to cool, this will strengthen the curl shape when brushed through and ensure the style lasts from the ceremony to the evening reception
  • Let the pin curls cool completely then remove all clips so you have full, loose ringlets
  • Take a flat paddle brush and begin firmly but slowly brushing through roots to tips all the way around. The ringlets will then connect and begin to form a uniform wave throughout. Keep brushing to soften the wave until you are happy with its form and work visually to sculpt the wave to frame the sides of the face
  • Finish with a strong hold spray

Right Image Hair by Anna Baker at Errol Douglas Salon:

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