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Kristian Aadnevik’s London Fashion Week show was heavily inspired by Swan Lake, where the hair look needed to make the traditional ballet knot modern and relevant for today’s woman. It is relaxed yet wearable, as it is meant to reflect a dancer after spending 12 hours in the theatre.

Hair Design by Moroccanoil Global Ambassador, Antonio Corral Calero

Get the look:
  1. Prep the hair by applying two pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment from root to ends to set the perfect foundation for styling (Moroccanoil Treatment Light for those with blonde or fine hair).
  2. Apply Dry Texture Spray all over the hair in a zigzag motion to amplify the dimension of the hair (for coarse hair use Smoothing Lotion to make hair controllable).
  3. To create a base for the ponytail gather hair upwards using the Ceramic Paddle Brush into a vertical point between the crown and hairline, creating a perfect symmetry between the eyes.
  4. Secure the ponytail with an elasticised hair band.
  5. Apply one pump of Smoothing Lotion into palms and caress the product evenly through the lengths of the ponytail to ensure even hydration.
  6. Loop the ponytail around the elastic, twisting as you wrap to create the knot, and secure the tip with a bobby pin - ensuring that it is not visible.
  7. Once the structure is complete, deconstruct the appearance by warming Moulding Cream in the palm of the hands, and with fingertips gently loosening the baby hairs at the nape of the neck and those framing the face.
  8. Finish the look with a generous spritz of Luminous Hairspray Medium.

Photography: Naomi Gabrielle Photography for Moroccanoil

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