Let’s Talk Coconuts

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Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. This tropical treasure has long been used for its therapeutic properties by people living in the South Pacific for generations.

Besides it being highly nutritious and let’s face it, smelling divine, coconut oil contains properties that feed and moisturise both the skin and hair. The great thing with coconut oil is you don’t need to buy an expensive brand. In fact, you can pick up a jar of organic coconut oil at your local supermarket. 

So, what are the ways you can benefit from this wonder nut?


Coconut oil is one of, if not the best, moisturisers out there. Solid at room temperature, the oil soon melts once rubbed between your palms allowing you to apply liberally to your skin and hair. Coconut oil is great for dry skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. What’s more, it also aids in the treatment of wrinkles by delving deep with the skin’s collagen layer.

If you suffer with oily skin fret not, coconut oil can also help with sebum production by reducing this over time. Overproduction of sebum is often the skin’s response to inadequate hydration, so by applying coconut oil regularly to your face you should notice a reduction in sebum.


Nothing feels as good for your face then a deep cleanse, ridding your skin of make-up, chemicals, dust and grease. As a thorough cleanser, coconut oil softens the skin’s keratin caps making exfoliation easier. The light texture spreads easily into follicles helping to dissolve hardened sebum, bringing it up to the skin’s surface.

To remove make-up, apply coconut oil all over the face, leaving it for five minutes before washing off with warm water. Repeat is necessary.


The antibacterial properties of coconut oil protect the skin from potential pathogens and can reduce the risk of bacterial infections that cause acne. The lauric acid that is contained with the oil acts an antibacterial agent. Using coconut oil on a regular basis can keep bacterial populations under control.


Look at women in tropical coastal regions and then look at their hair. Long, flowing and beautiful – yep, that’s coconut oil! The oil helps promote hair growth and keeps it uber shiny and healthy. It is also great at reducing protein loss, which if left untreated can cause various unattractive or unhealthy qualities in the hair.

So there you have it, a simple jar of coconut oil can attend to all your beauty needs! Why not give it ago and see for yourself.

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