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Session stylists Mari Ohashi, Jonathan Andrew and Anna Cofone were backstage at London Fashion Week Men SS20 styling up a storm using Fudge Professional. See the full report below:

Craig Green

Session stylist: Mari Ohashi at LGA Management using Fudge Professional

For his latest collection, Craig Green was inspired by the idea of self-scrutiny and using ‘skin as material’. Craig showcased this with bright and luminous pieces with intricate patterns and designs. The hair had a cohesive slicked back, natural look with very little volume which juxtaposed the dramatic and individual designs of the clothes.

  1. To prep hair spritz with Fudge Professional Tri Blo, then rough dry using fingers to keep the hair's natural texture
  2. Apply Fudge Professional Vinyl Pomade to the roots to lay flat and remove any volume. Use tongs, if needed, to create movement at the ends of the hair
  3. Apply a hair net to keep the hair flat and slicked down, then diffuse dry
  4. Finish by reapplying Fudge Professional Tri Blo to bring back the wet look effect
Products used:
  • Fudge Professional Tri Blo £12.45
  • Fudge Professional Vinyl Pomade £13.95

Session stylist: Jonathan Andrew for Fudge Professional

NICCE was going old school with its collection drawing on the bold, phantasmagorical style of early 90's rave flyers and the breathable glamour of Amnesia-era Ibiza style. I wanted to take the hair on a sporty festival vibe; stylish but relaxed - working with natural textures for the boys, and then with the girls creating slick ponytails and wet look finishes and a touch of glitter here and there on the roots and partings.

Step-by-step - Girls
  1. Hair was prepped with Clean Blonde Tri Blow and dried sleek. Sectioning hair into three parts, take the nape section into a ponytail. Spritz heavily the root area with Skyscraper Hairspray, and using a bristle brush create a super sleek ponytail. Bring through two side sections to the ponytail, spritz again and repeat until all the hair has been swept into the ponytail
  2. Take a section of the ponytail and wrap around to hide the band. Secure with grips. Spray with Skyscraper to hold
  3. Spritz the ponytail with Salt Spray and water until damp, then apply a generous amount of Hair Gum for the wet look finish. Comb through so it's super sleek. Apply a touch of glitter to the parting
Step-by-step - Boys
  1. Apply Salt Spray and blow dry to achieve that soft texture, lived-in look
  2. Rub a small amount of Mineral Paste into your hands and apply to the root and mid-lengths for added texture
  3. Using irons, finish the look by teasing the ends to flick slightly. Finish with Skyscraper to hold the style
Products used:
  • Clean Blonde Tri Blow £12.95
  • Skyscraper Hairspray £10.45
  • Salt Spray £12.95
  • Hair Gum £12.45
  • Mineral Paste £12.95
Bianca Saunders

Session stylist: Anna Cofone at The Wall Group using Fudge Professional

The look was inspired by the ‘perfectly imperfect’ theme of Bianca Saunders’ latest collection, with hair intended to mimic the tailoring with a graphic shape, as well as the deconstructed knitwear pieces with dishevelled hairlines.

Step-by-step - Controlled graphic low ponytail
  1. Apply Fudge Professional Xpander Foam throughout the lengths, and then blow-dry hair as flat against the head as possible
  2. Now, start to tease out the baby hair around the hairline. Apply Fudge Professional Salt Spray to the baby hair and dry in for a dishevelled, matte finish
  3. Comb Fudge Professional Hair Gum through the hair lengths for a high shine finish at the back of the head, securing hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck
  4. Finish with plenty of Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra hairspray to ensure the look doesn’t budge
Products used:
  • Fudge Professional Xpander Foam £12.95 Fudge Professional Salt Spray £12.95
  • Fudge Professional Hair Gum £12.45
  • Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra £10.45


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