Low-Fade Haircuts with Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop Dubai

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When you want a cool and versatile haircut like the trending Low Fade, you need to visit a professional barbershop who have trained, experienced teams to create your personalised look.


The low fade haircut is a tapered style that offers modern gentlemen an elegant and trendy cut. Whether you’re getting a short professional haircut for work or want a fresh cut to contrast your medium-length hairstyle, there are many low fade haircuts to consider.

Some men prefer a low taper fade with long hair to create a classy style, while others may want a low skin fade with short hair for a cool, low-maintenance hairstyle. With several different types of fades to consider, it can be a challenge choosing the right low-cut fade to try.


The low fade is a type of men’s haircut that blends the hair just above the ears and along the hairline, creating a classy and modern style for men. The low fade haircut is a tapered cut that works down the sides and back for a seamless transition. To get this low cut, barbers use hair clippers to taper the hair gradually.

Low fades are popular in barbershops right now because guys can customize this fade haircut based on their hairstyle. You can choose a low skin fade for a tight cut with strong contrast.

While the bald fade blends down to the skin, the low taper fade is a short haircut that leaves some length, making it a favourite for guys with business professional styles. Fresh and clean cut, low fade haircuts work well with many different trendy men’s hairstyles.

If you want a great Low Fade hair cut then book with Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop Dubai Marina UAE here or give us a call on: +971 (4) 553 9882

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