Make Your Salon Blow-dry Last Longer

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From oily scalps to humid air - there are many things that can prevent you from getting the most out of your salon blow-dry.

If you're a huge fan of the salon blow-dry but can never seem to make it last, don't fret, for the knowledgable team at Samuel Chapman are here to help you with ways to make your salon beautiful hair last longer.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

We all have to sleep. Sleeping on your hair can compromise the beautiful blow-dry you have just been given. By using a silk or satin pillowcase it will stop friction occurring and allow your hair to slide around rather than rub. This will also help minimise split ends! If you prefer not to have silk or satin pillowcases you could opt for a silk scarf instead. Tie your hair in one or two top knots to keep your hair neat and keep the movement achieved by the Blow-dry.

Keep your bedroom cool

We know moisture can destroy any great hair day, so we recommend keeping your bedroom cool while you sleep to minimise night sweating.

Prevent overheating

Sweat also causes the enemy of all blow-drys - excess moisture. If you must go to the gym after your salon finished hair, use a sweat absorbent head band that will prevent the sweat from your forehead and the nape of your neck going in to your hair and bringing down your blow-dry.

Dry Shampoo is your saviour

We suggest using Dry shampoo throughout your entire blow-dry before any activity or sleeping to absorb the sweat before your hair can. We recommend Davines' Hair refresher which has a light, fresh-scented powdery mist that absorbs oil and creates volume without washing the hair.


Do you have a fringe? Dampen down and re-blow-dry just the fringe to create an overall fresh look without having to redo your entire blow-dry.

Refresh those ends

To maintain the movement initially created by your hairstylist, spritz some heat protector on to the ends of your hair and dry it in with a round brush then use your straighteners or tongs to go over a few ends to revive the wave.

Avoid contact with water

We aren't saying avoid washing your body! Just invest in a shower cap to cover your hair and stop the humidity getting to your blow-dry

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