Massage: Why? What Type? And is it Beneficial?

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Let’s face it, there is nothing more relaxing than a massage. But aside from it being a great stress reliever, massage has many more benefits to reap.

We caught up with the team at M-A Hairdressing to get their view on why massage is one of their most requested salon treatments…

Our therapist Lauren has been studying the art of beauty for several years within some of Hessle's most renowned salons. As an award-winning trained therapist, Lauren offers nothing but professionalism, service, and care to all aspects of both advanced and holistic therapy. Massage is one of Lauren’s favourite treatments to carry out as she can help create the perfect relaxed environment.

Why should people get a massage?

Guests should treat themselves to a massage once a month to benefit from the treatment. Once a month would help improve problems the guests have with aching any aches or tension they may have. Also, we can carry out European massage, but can apply a deeper massage when needed.

What are the benefits of massage?

Having a massage helps reduce tension, aids circulation and lymphatic drainage, removes toxins, and helps to reduce stress. Using different techniques e.g., effleurage, friction, percussion, petrissage, and vibration help with the aim of the massage to give maximum benefits to the client.

What products do we use and are they animal cruelty and vegan?

Yes, we use the Kaeso Professional skincare range, which is all botanical, natural, and has no harsh chemicals. Our carrier oil is a premium natural oil. Kaeso does not test on animals and is all vegan which is brilliant as it is suitable for all skin types.

What are some costings and timings of massage at M-A Hairdressing?

Our massages include The Bespoke, Full Body, The Pure, and Aromatherapy, and range from 30-90 minutes. Prices are from £30. Why not book in with us and see just how good we are?

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