Matthew Curtis and Britain’s Next Top Model Hair Makeover Episode

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Renowned runway and celebrity stylist, Matthew Curtis was the ‘mane’ man behind the Makeover Episode for the new series of Britain’s Next Top Model.

As the head stylist for the Wella Professionals hair team using the new styling range, EIMI, Matthew directed the styling for the contestants and fashion’s future stars, joining the show’s celebrity judges: model and fashion designer Abbey Clancy; model, Paul Sculfor; fashion designer Hilary Alexander and celebrity photographer, Nicky Johnston. Matthew shares the lowdown on this renowned Makeover Episode:

This is the episode where suddenly the contestants are taken out of their comfort zone and given the hair makeover. As a seasoned hairdresser I can immediately see the look and style that will bring out their features; sometimes it’s drastic (and a bit scary), and other times it can be enhancing what they already have. Ultimately, their new hairstyle has to work for them and the career they’re going to have after the show.

Key Looks from the Makeover Episode explained....

Bethan Sowerby

Bethan’s makeover look was inspired by Gigi Hadid; we toned down her blonde hair and even bleached her eyebrows to give that Scandinavian feel; her blonde hair changed from the safe classic warm blonde to a more striking and interesting Nordic cooler blonde. We kept her hair long to enable versatility in styling, but still gave her a cut to create a more defined longer style.


Angel Cole

Angel’s look was quite androgynous in her style; she has a fabulous strong face so we decided that she could really take a drastic hair change and go for a shaved style. It was important that this look had an edge, so we then bleached her hair with an ashy blonde colour. Stunning!


Alex Kelli

Alex’s hairstyle wasn’t showing the best of her features, so we went for a more defined hairstyle and a heavy fringe to complement her high hairline around the forehead. The fringe gave balance to her face shape and the bob allowed for more versatility and a fresher look.


Chloe Keenan

With Chloe, she probably had the least dramatic makeover of all the contestants. She has a unique face, and to be honest, really didn’t require too much to make her look stunning.



Megan Brunell

Megan’s look lends herself great to hair brands; we decided she’d suit a short androgynous style that complimented her lifestyle, and encouraging yet more versatile style for something that could often look too boyish on girls.


Georgia Butler

My favourite restyle! It was inspired by the Purdy haircut, but we gave it a modern, more contemporary textured finish, and then went for a pearl pink throughout to create an outspoken finish.

Britain’s Next Top Model airs Thursdays at 9pm, Lifetime Channel

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