Matthew Curtis X Rosenthal Tee

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Rosenthal Tee went back to her roots for her collection inspiration; she is Chinese by ethnicity and grew up Filipino. She described her new collection as nostalgic, quirky and subtle. Her collection of terno butterfly sleeves and soft fabrics of silk, jusi and tulles drew from the iconic beauty of Maria Clara from Jose Rizal’s novels.

Session stylist: Matthew Curtis Creative Team

Hair inspiration: The hair inspiration came from the beautiful and ugly, drawing from the imperfections in the character of Maria Clara.

Kit bag essential: Design Essentials Form Holding Spray and Design Essentials Composition Mousse to give hair a crisp, wet and wavy texture, Design Essentials Reflections Shine Spray to finish.

  1. Section the hair in three sections; two in front and one section from crown to nape area.
  2. Starting from the back of the head, create one inch horizontal partings from the nape area. Then make one inch vertical partings applying mousse and hairspray as you go to achieve a crisp, wet, wavy texture.
  3. Using a two inch curling tong, curl each section vertically throughout the hair all the way to the front hairline. Individually separate each curl.
  4. Starting from the nape, gather the back section and loosely wrap into a low bun.
  5. Gather the two front sections into the bun whilst wrapping hair around the ear lobes. Leave a few strands loose around the face. Finish the look with a shine spray.

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