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When Simon Webster Hair released our latest collection, The Last Summer, we had a fantastic response. None more so than to Megan’s sleek crop styled by Max.

Here, Max tells us how to ‘Get the Look’ with some simple styling tips and a few key products…

I wanted to create a feminine shape using classic men’s styling techniques, working towards something quite pretty. The look was based on creating a very solid structure with an incredible amount of shine, so a rich, dark colour worked well to really highlight and enhance that glossiness. Meagan is a friend who became a client and always allowed me to have fun with her hair, so she was perfect for the shoot.

1. I washed the hair with Bumble&bumble (Bb) Invisible Oil shampoo and conditioner. I wanted to use something nourishing that would create a high gloss finish.

2. After towel-drying I applied Primer for heat protection, to create shine and protect the colour, then Thickening Hairspray to the roots and Grooming Creme through the ends. The spray builds a soft root lift while the creme gives the hair some body and structure, to keep the style in check.

3. Using a soft bristle brush and fingers, I started to take the majority of the moisture out with the hairdryer, starting at the roots and then moving down to the mid-lengths. The key to getting a smooth and shiny finish is to make sure you move the hair in each and every direction as you dry it, then returning it back to where you want it to fall. Hair isn’t two-dimensional and has multiple surfaces, so moving the hair around the head while directing the dryer down the hair shaft will ensure the cuticle of the hair sits flat, giving you a more natural finish.

4. Once the hair was 70% dry, I combed the hair into position using a diagonal parting from the recession towards the crown. Then I used a small round brush through the ends to smooth and create our flick. When using a brush, make sure the sections you take are no thicker then the brush you are using; the bigger the brush the more root lift you will create.

5. Once dry, I used straightening irons just to finish off. The trick to using irons is to not rely on them too heavily; the more work you do with a brush the better the finish will be with the irons.

6. I wanted to create a super polished look, so I used high gloss finishing products, Layrite Original Pomade to finish and hairspray to fix.

Max Backshell is one of the original members of the SWH Team, and has been with the salon since we opened in 2012. In 2013 he reached the Grand Finals of the L’Oreal Young Colourist of the Year.

Max is a SWH Team Senior Stylist and Colourist, with appointments available from Tues-Sat (late nights Weds).

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